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About Us

We are Sharib and Saba, a happily married couple that loves to travel, cook, eat and share our adventures with the world.

Born in Pakistan, married in the USA, employed in the UAE, living in Poland and migrating to Canada, our lives are constantly on the move around the globe circumventing at least 3 continents each year.

We love travelling the world, learning about new cultures, histories, people and of course the food. Each trip is a race against time to see, do, eat and experience as much as we can in a limited amount of time.

Our idea of travelling adventures differs from one another as one of us loves history, architecture, museums and castles while the other loves nature, hiking, antique hunting, bazaars or just strolling through the narrow alleys of old towns. We always make sure to experience a bit of both sides of the aisle, enjoying each other's company and sharing our experiences.


Welcome to our blog. Here we wish for you to find destination guides, halal food recommendations and useful travel tips that are most relevant to your travel requirements.

If you have any questions, send us an email and we would be happy to help!

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