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GetYourGuide - Must Have App for Travellers

Updated: Mar 26

Looking for a one stop solution to search, compare & book your excursions, tours and activities. GetYourGuide App is the solution!

When we started our travels across the world, we really didn’t know how to plan our trips. What activities / attractions are available to do or visit, are we paying more or less, whats included, how to buy their tickets, how to print tickets and lastly how to get there without the hassle of figuring out the public transport route or paying for a taxi / Uber service.

Even though we enjoyed the tedious work of googling and comparing each activity and making a trip plan, it was extremely time consuming. Luckily, we came across this amazing app called GetYourGuide, which provided a solution to all our travel anxieties and time-consuming planning. In short, it was a life saver and we haven’t stopped using it ever since.

“GetYourGuide is an online market place and booking app that allows you to search, compare and book activities in all major tourist cities across the world. It is available on both Android & IOS based phones.”

After installing the app and signing up, you land on the homepage of the app. Before searching for activities, select the city you plan to visit and the dates you plan to be there. As a result, the app will churn out all the available activities, excursions or tours in that city and during that period. The good thing about this is that any seasonal activity not available during your selected dates will automatically be excluded.

The app has categorized the activities by Adventure, Food, Culture, History, Sightseeing, Art & Music, Transportation, Nature and Alternative (for the eccentric ones).

You can see the same activity / attraction being repeated multiple times in the search results, but that’s mainly because different tourist operators advertising there are offering the same tour but at different prices. This allows you to compare and decide how much you are willing to pay and what items are included / excluded in the price.

Selecting an activity in the app allows you to see (besides the price & description) the following important information:

1. Duration

2. Languages Available

3. Not Suitable For

4. What to Bring

5. What’s Not Allowed

6. A Detailed Itinerary

7. Google Maps Pick Up & Drop Off Location

8. Last but not the least, User Reviews (about both the activity itself and the tour operator running it).

Purchasing an activity is literally a click away. Just select “Book Now” and you are good to go. Your invoice, activity voucher and other minor details (like contact details for the tour operator) will all be visible to you within the app and can be downloaded in PDF format.

For all purchased activities, you don’t need to print the voucher. All you need to do is show the QR CODE of the purchased activity from within the app and you’re on your way. For popular attractions like amusement parks, museums, castles etc. this allows you to literally skip the line.

In the past when we were not using GetYourGuide, all our planned or booked excursions / activities would be purchased from different websites and we would have to make a separate excel schedule just to keep track of what we were doing when.

This app made our life so much easier, as it allows us to directly add the event in our phone calendars and sends automatic reminders once your activity time is getting closer.

All our prior purchases are visible to us in the “History” tab of the app in ONE place and we can go back and post reviews about our experience.

In case of cancellations, you can also do that from within the app at least 24hrs prior.

The best feature about the app is creating a Wish List of activities while you are researching or planning your next holiday or vacation.

This not only allowed us to make our list of things to do, which was a good mix of nature, culture, art etc. but also time our excursions accurately to make sure we maximize the things we can do or cover in a day.

All in all we give this app 5 / 5 for its user friendliness, ease of use, customer experience, and its ability to answer virtually all important questions before we can decide on purchasing our next activity.


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