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HASHTAG (#) Problems?

Using Instagram HASHTAGS to Increase Your Reach

how to use hashtags on instagram

Using Hashtags is a powerful way to increase engagement, build your brand, and find your audience.

Follow these simple steps below to increase your Instagram reach within days:

1. Look at what other Influencer are using

Influencers, similar to your brand niche, can always give you a ton of insights on what is working. Since most of these influencers are in the game before you, they have already done the research and hence use what works for them. So, try to take note of the hashtags they are using frequently.

2. Be Specific

The key here is the more specific and targeted your hashtags are going to be, the more chances you have getting the right target audience.

3. Use relevant hashtags

When used correctly, Instagram hashtags can help you grow your reach, get more engagement, and attract more followers naturally. But in order to be successful with hashtags, you need to be strategic about what hashtags you use and when you use them.

4. Research your audience

Throwing random hashtags at the end of your Instagram posts isn’t going to grow your audience. Instead, find out what hashtags your audience is using and see which ones fit the content that you’re publishing. Your hashtags should be relevant and contain keywords that your audience is searching for.

5. Test out your hashtags

Something to really work on and this is something you will learn gradually with time. Look out for the hashtags that work for you in your niche.

While the most popular hashtags on Instagram have been used millions of times, that doesn’t always mean that it will work for you too.

So instead of using the most popular hashtags, try to use hashtags that are smaller, more niche, and have an engaged audience that’s relevant to your industry.

Let us know if you found the above tips helpful.


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