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Summer Mom Must Have - Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator

Updated: May 9


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Tired of getting your hands dirty and kids unhappy with messy sunscreen application? Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator is exactly what you need.

Sunscreen is crucial for protecting against harmful UV rays, but applying it can be messy and inconvenient. Traditional sunscreen bottles often lead to sticky hands and spills. Solar Buddies, a refillable sunscreen applicator with a soft foam head, offer a better solution.

Solar Buddies are designed for easy, mess-free sunscreen application. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, and the foam head allows for even coverage without spills. They're perfect for kids, adults, and seniors, making sun safety more accessible for everyone.

The spill-proof design and compact size make them ideal for travel, fitting neatly into bags and backpacks. They're TSA-friendly and can be refilled with any type of sunscreen, providing flexibility and convenience.

Using Solar Buddies is straightforward. Simply unscrew the top, clean the foam applicator, and refill as needed. The reusable design is eco-friendly, helping to reduce plastic waste.

Overall, Solar Buddies are a game-changer for sunscreen application, offering a cleaner, easier, and more efficient way to stay sun-safe and most of all the kids love it!


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