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Adorable "Eidi" Envelopes to make your Eid extra special


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Ramazan is more than half-way done and Eid is drawing nearer — and we all know that means it’s time to rake in some sweet, sweet eidi. However, II have now transcended the age for receiving money and must now give eidi instead of receiving it.

If you’re someone who has to distribute your hard-earned money to your younger relatives, nieces or nephews, we’ve got you covered! These super cute envelopes from Hallmark will make the money-giving ordeal more fun, personalized and extra special for the person receiving it.

You will definitely have the most memorable eidi envelopes, instead of those boring plain ones — and who knows, maybe you can distract everyone with the cuteness of the envelopes and get away with putting only $10 in them.

Eid Mubarak in advance and we hope you enjoy these envelopes as much as we did.


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