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The Ultimate Eid Gift Guide for Kids

Eid-al-Fitr, the festive holiday celebration commemorating the end of a long month of fasting for Ramadan. Eid and Ramadan adhere to the lunar calendar, thus their dates fluctuate annually depending on the moon sighting. While Ramadan entails abstaining from food and drink, it brings spiritual enrichment, culminating in joyous celebrations upon the arrival of Eid.

Growing up, Eid morning was about waking up super early and dressing in our new shalwar kameez and (bangles, mehndi)accessories. While amma (my mom) made sure the house was clean and tidy and us kids were ready for all the upcoming Eid gatherings, abba (my dad) didn’t let a single year go by without bringing "Haleem" (slow cooked lentil and beef stew, a delicacy in South Asia) from one of his favorite places on Burns road. There was so much peace and happiness in the air at having completed another Ramadan. Although my siblings and I were very young, and I don’t remember keeping many fasts, it is a time I dearly miss.

After the morning prayer, the kids in the family receive money called "Eidi". My cousins and I would line up and collect our Eidi from our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts. The first day of Eid is usually spent with family members (close ones and extended), and the second was spent chit chatting and eating delicious food with family friends. 


Our son turned two very recently, and we wanted to start an Eid tradition with him. Something that he would cherish and look forward to every year. We plan to surprise him with balloons and his favorite ice cream after the morning prayers. Don't forget to check out our Instagram to see his reaction on Eid.

Along with the traditional gift of Eid money (Eidi) we also decided to give him physical gifts as well. We have been on the hunt for the best toddler gifts to give on Eid and here is our ultimate Eid Gift Guide for your little ones. Most of these items are unisex while others are available in a variety of colors to suite your taste.

Hope you all have a wonderful Eid this year and don’t forget to check out are list on the Amazon Canada and/or Amazon USA.


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