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How to start blogging on Instagram?

Step 1: Create a Business Account

Once you've signed up for Instagram make sure to switch from "Personal" to "Business" account. Key benefits of having an Instagram Business account: - Instagram insights - Links within stories (for 10k followers+) - Promote ads - Contact button More benefits and features open up when you cross a certain number of followers, but when you are just beginning we would recommend using this option for just the insights and worry about the rest later.

Step 2: Find Your Niche

At this point, you sort of want to know what niche you want to start with. It might change later on but for starters you need a "niche."

Its good to think these things through before you actually get into the Instagram game. For example, if you are into make-up your niche will geared towards Health & Beauty.

Step 3: REVAMP that Bio & Profile Picture

Although the Instagram display picture is barely visible, you still want to put your best out there. When people land on your page, your picture and bio determines if they will stay on your page to browse & maybe follow or just leave.

Step 4: Start Blogging

At this point you want to make sure you have some good quality pictures. This is something that you learn gradually like we did and we still have a long way to go. Dont beat yourself up too much about it, but definitely try to give it your best.

Step 5: Create "Catchy" Captions

With your captions, you have to know how to keep your audience engaged, whether you are telling a story, writing an inspirational quote, or promoting a product. At the end, always ask a question as it helps kick start engagements.

Step 6: Building a Community

Probably the most important part about blogging is engaging with other peoples post, getting to know your community, making friends and learn from each other. Start by making a list of maybe top 5 influencers whose work inspires you. Check their following list and start engaging with their audience as well. Chances are if someone is following an influencer in your niche it is because they are interested in that particular topic, which increases the chances that they will be interested in what you are posting as well!

You can start an interaction by leaving meaningful comments on their photos and liking their content.


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